Tenacious Crete

lunch at taverna monastiri, chaniaI’m here on the water’s edge of what’s considered to be the most beautiful Old Town in Greece.  From my vantage point, I see a Venetian lighthouse standing sentry over a narrow harbour entrance and a Turkish mosque – now serving as an exhibition hall – opening its doors to the morning air.

This is Chania, second-largest city on the island of Crete, where the architecture provides just a sliver of insight into a turbulent history…

Read the full story here and in the new issue of Taste & Travel International magazine.

2 thoughts on “Tenacious Crete

  1. Hi Catherine, You’ve certainly taken your writing in some fascinating directions. Do you do the layout? I’m eating toast and peanut butter as I read. Congratulations on the piece, a lot of work went into that, and the bonus of a trip with your daughter. Patricia

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    1. Thanks, Patricia. Credit for the layout goes to T&T’s wonderful creative director, Charlotte Kahn, who’s based in New Zealand. She spoils me terribly – makes even my clunkiest work look amazing.


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